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BMW Works Toward An Electric Car

BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer confirmed that by 2015, BMW will build an all electric city car with two engines available. One will have a very efficient internal combustion engine and the other will become a purely electric model. These two vehicles will be electric powered and they will serve as a solution in monitoring congested cities.

Last 2009, the company began renting a two-passenger electric version of the Mini Cooper for 600 drivers in California, New York, and New Jersey. It was done to help BMW learn the real-world driving and charging experiences. By 2011, the same number of drivers will lease the next set of electric test vehicle which is the four-passenger Active E. It will allow the company to improve its line for its “Megacity Project”.

Other Facts About The BMW Electric E:

  • Its battery that can be fully charged in 3-4 hours using a 220-volt home charger
  • So-called quick-chargers are in development that would allow recharging in 1/2 hour or less
  • Operational costs are estimated at 3 cents per mile
  • A lithium-ion battery pack feeds power to an electric motor that turns the front wheels pumping out 204-hp with a maximum torque of 162 lb-ft.
  • 0 to 60 mph in 8.5 seconds with a top speed of 95 mph
  • 2 People capacity (1 driver, 1 passenger)

Here are some links If you would like to do some car research on a late model BMW or see a car video.


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Should It Be Manual or Automatic Transmission?

There has been a lot of confusion as to which type of car suits every interested individual. Will it be the one that has manual transmission or the one that uses an automatic transmission? To figure out which transmission is best for you, it is important to know the difference of both types.

Automatic Transmission

An automatic car refers to its automatic transmission, which shifts to most gears without your assistance, and without any need of a third pedal, and a clutch, to shift from one gear to another. You will just have to select the gear you want to be in and the transmission will change into higher or lower gears by itself.  This is better for the driver because it does not involve as much effort as the manual transmission.

Manual Transmission

A manual transmission means that you have to learn to use a clutch to shift from one gear to another, thus making use of both feet to drive the car. The manual transmission car is usually less luxurious, which generally involves less expensive repairs, and may be helpful in certain cars where a lot of shifting between gears is required.

Making a choice between the manual and an automatic is just a matter of balancing the preferences you want. These preferences involve price consideration, comfort and style. With manual transmission, it requires more focus, more foot action, and ability to listen to your car since you need to know when to shift. Automatics require a bit less focus, and may be better if you’re driving kids or in traffic with a great deal of stops and starts.


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Modified BMW Cars

The wide-bodied IMSA Gallardo is an image and engineering improvement of Gallardo formula. The Power was increased to 600 horsepower. That is 100 more than the standard car and 80 more than the Gallardo SE.


Grilles are made of stainless steel woven wire mesh and it is intended to easily fit into your car. They have taken very good care during designing and making of every grille so that you will feel satisfied with the grille of your car.



This is the modified BMW E46 full chrome Extreme





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Google Have Tested Their Robot Cars

Google have finally tested its secret project which is the self driven Google Robot Car. Seven test cars hit the streets to travel 1,000 miles without any human intervention. However, they stationed a driver at the back of the wheel accompanied by a technician to monitor the navigation system just in case.

The cars are Toyota Prius that has a funnel like cylinder on the roof. It uses artificial intelligence software that can sense anything near the car and it also has the ability to decide just like a human driver. Other specifications of the car include a rotating sensor on its roof that can scan more than 200 feet in all directions of the car to create a 3D map of the car’s vicinity; a video cam mounted behind the windshield to spot pedestrians, bicyclists, and traffic lights; three radar devices on the front and one at the back bumper; and a sensor on one of the wheels to determine the car’s position on the 3D map. The car also features a GPS device and a motion sensor. It follows a route programmed in the GPS system, and it can be instructed to drive cautiously, or aggressively.

The Google researchers said the company doesn’t have any clear plan of making business out of the experiments. Dr. Sebastian Thrun, the man behind the project, is known as a passionate promoter of the potential to use robotic vehicles to make highways safer and lower the nation’s energy costs. It is a commitment shared by Larry Page, Google’s co-founder, according to several people familiar with the project.

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Gift Giving Tip for Car Lovers

The primary direction of gift giving is knowing the person you’re giving to. Not merely knowing them like saying “I know this girl from work”, but understanding who they are, what their passions are and what they take pleasure in. For example, if you have a friend who loves tea pot, and you see an adorable frame shaped like a teapot that costs six dollars, don’t instantly pay for it. Find a frame, add a special picture of the two of you together and wrap it with a pleasant box of specialty tea. That would sound more thoughtful than an expensive gift that says nothing about your bond together.

When you purchase someone a gift, you must constantly remember that it must be associated to what her hobbies or likes are for her to recognize the value of it. If you know your aunt loves a particular craft, don’t buy anything that she might not make use of. As an alternative, get her a handbook or a gift basket that contains something she may possibly use in her craft. Or if you’re in doubt of what kind of crafts she has been doing lately, you can give her a gift certificate to a craft store so she can select what she wants. The fundamental tip there is to make the individual you’re giving gift to feel special knowing that you are very thoughtful and that she is on your mind.

For Car Lovers, there are several options you can select from and they are as follows:

What you need to remember when buying or making a gift is that you are not solely handing someone a box containing a gift. You are handing them a box containing your feelings of them. Several of the greatest presents require no money, some requires a bunch, the most valuable thing is that you sincerely think  about what you were giving as contrasting to setting a dollar amount and grabbing the primary thing that came in around that limit. If you give someone a gift that helps express how you feel about them, you are handing them a gift they desire to remember for a lifetime.

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Pink Interior Car Accessories: Gives Your Car Elegance

Do you love cars? And do you want to let the lady nature in you show through your car? Learn the available types of pink interior car accessories. It doesn’t matter what your style or budget is, you’ll surely find something that will meet your needs. Here are just a few of the great selections for adding some happy pink elegance to your ride:

Floor mats:

Seat covers:



Shopping tips:

• Verify the accessory if it is legal on your state before installing it.

• Always check the return policy. In some cases, the item you bought might not fit in the car or it is defective. It would be better if you know that you can always return the device if you are not satisfied with it on the given period.

• Have fun in choosing the pink accessories for the car. It will be easier to choose if you enjoy what you are doing.

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Honda Will Soon Introduce An Electric Car

According to Honda’s incumbent CEO, he could see much potential in the demands for electric cars in contracts to his predecessor who have said that they are impractical and unrealistic.

Honda announced that in another two years they will be releasing a new hybrid version. For the meantime, Honda has been propagating over again the electric version based on hydrogen fuel-cell batteries for zero-emission.

It is expected to serve as an alternative for the combustion engine cars having a driving force of 500-600 km since the electric versions have the limited and fixed force. Nissan’s Leaf is expected to be launched next month and it will become the world’s first mass volume electric car. It has the capacity to drive 160km with full charge since there will be a limited pack of batteries.

Honda’s CEO said he preferred the Honda electric car over plug-in hybrid which is packed with large number of batteries for external charging. In his view, the plug-in hybrids are ideal for short distance drives as they are slackened with engine, stack of batteries and a motor.

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