Jordan Playboy For a Car Lover

“Somewhere West of Laramie” is the well-known tagline promoting the Jordan Playboy.

James Lackey, 74, of Wayne County was inspired by an April 1966 article from “Antique Automobile” about Jordan and his automobile company. And so he decided to build his own.

It's called a Jordan Playboy and James Lackey of Wayne County spent a lot of time and money restoring the car made by the Jordan Motor Co. starting in 1916. The 74-year-old is such an expert he has written both magazine articles and a book on Jordan automobiles.


He found a Playboy that costs $2,000 which needs repair. Lackey began ordering all the parts he need before he started restoring the car. When the parts arrived, Lackey began removing every bolt of the car. After more than 14 years of work on the car, Lackey had a completely restored Playboy.

The Jordan Motor Company was established in 1916 in Cleveland. Using parts and components from other manufacturers, the Jordan Motors assemble cars. The company’s head was Ned Jordan which was a former advertising executive who said, “Cars are too dull and drab.” They became known not just because of their cars but because of their advertisements.


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