A Tribute to the Classic Sports Car – BMW 328

As a tribute to the 75th birthday of BMW 328, one of the most successful and good looking sports cars of BMW, the company unveiled their special model – BMW Hommage. This is a lightweight car because most of its parts are made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic that offers outstanding ratio between weight and stability. Its gross weight is only at about 780 kilograms. The design is very unique and you will notice its exterior specially the headlights and the huge carbon fiber X nose, it’s one of a kind. The twin elongated kidney grille set-up is the same as the BMW 328 and its windshield is divided into two.


Just like its predecessor, this is a two-seater sports car with expressive exterior design but the difference is it is made through a modern interpretation. The BMW Hommage is well-developed and detail-oriented; precise lines run across to the body of the car. The extremely wide and flat front end is strongly three-dimensional, generous surfaces and concise lines give the front end a powerful appearance. The concept is very impressive as it is based on the Efficient-Dynamic Concept giving a long bonnet and drawn back seating. The specifications and details of the BMW 328 Hommage have not yet been released but it is rumored that it uses a 3.0 liter straight six engine.


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