Toyota’s Social Networking System

In connection with this new generation, new technologies are hitting up the market rapidly same as the social networking sites that made every people connect to every part of the world with their love ones. Through the help of and Microsoft, Toyota is developing a social networking service, same as people communicating on Facebook and Twitter – so the owners/driver can interact to their car. This system is called the Toyota Friend which maybe the start of the generation of talking cars. The said system is made only for Toyota owners which gives them extra comfort. Toyota demonstrate this one of a kind technology in their showroom, they use a Toyota Plug-in Prius Hybrid. When the owner plugs in the car to recharge it, the car replied “The charge will be completed by 2:15am, is that ok? See you tomorrow.” The conversation could be shared to another Toyota Friend user, Facebook, Twitter and other services. There are rumors that the system is run through sensors but the company did not give a full detail on how this technology built – content of the talking cars dialogue. The system will be first applied to electric cars and plug-in hybrid cars. The program is done through an open source cloud platform that could start in Japan in 2012.


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