20th Annual Chrysler National Event

Chrysler will be having its 20th Annual Chrysler National Event and at the same time the second annual Collector Car Appreciation Day on Friday at the Carlisle Fairgrounds. The event is expected to be special offering excellent cars, entertainment for the visitors and some on-site stars such as John Schneider, Cindy Williams, Paul Le Mat and William Ostrander, with the help of the Christine Car Club. The show will be expected to have 50,000 people with a 2.200 cars are expected to be displayed in the showfield. Cars that are used by some celebrities in their movie are also present like the original General Lee Charger from “The Dukes of Hazzard,” an original T-Bucket from “Happy Days” and the original ’32 deuce coupe that Le Mat drove in the climactic race scene in “American Graffiti.” A duplicate of the “Christine” car will also be on the field.

Awards and prices are also offered during the event. In this 2011 Chrysler Nationals Show, will pick one car from the showfield to be honored as the “Top Eliminator.” Parents are encouraged to bring their children on the show as Carlisle Events support the “Take Your Kid to a Car Show”.


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