Offering New Features – 13th Annual Gibb Car Show

Fred Gibb Memorial had their 13th Annual Car Show last Saturday, August 6 at LaHarpe. The event starts in Monmouth on Friday before travelling to LaHarpe for Saturday’s show. After on LaHarpe they moved to Macomb square on Saturday night.

The show had over 100 pre entries with lots of new cars that are first time in the said event. One of these cars is a rare vehicle named 1954 Corvette which known as the bubble top. Participants from different places such as California, Texas, Florida, Michigan, Georgia and other states are present in the car show which helps to feature 45 classes of cars. Race cars, performance cars, and the old & new collection of ZL-1 are in the display area that is originally from Fred Gibb. Raffles, auction, music, food and other entertainments are the things that they enjoyed a lot during that event. Shottenkirk’s of Fort Madison, Iowa donated a 427 engine for the raffle and this engine is worth over $28,000. They had a special auction for the benefit of Jamie Shuda who has a breast cancer and a 50/50 raffle for the veterans of World War II. The show started it with a biscuits and gravy breakfast at 7am. Registrations begin at 8am to 11am with an entrance fee of $15. The Illinois National Guard Military Funeral Honor led the singing of the National Anthem and the presentation of colors.  Judging time initiated at 11am to 2pm and giving of awards at 3:30pm.


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