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Maintaining your Car for Longer Life

In order to make sure that your vehicle remains sturdy, you should find ways to help keep your car running smoothly. An ordinary person can also check their vehicles not relying on the car technicians and mechanics – which are capable of checking and maintaining our cars. This might help you in extending the life of your car and maintaining your its good performance.


By doing a regular checkup, it gives your car a good health and as a result you have to spend less money for the repairs. One of most important parts of a car that needs a habitual checkup is the engine. Engine serves as the heart of a car, just like our heart it needs to be healthy so we need to take care of it. Most of the people also forget to change the oil of their car which is recommended by car manufacturers to help maintain the excellent performance of the engine.


Keeping your car clean extends the life of a car. There are environmental aspects that can cause a dilemma to your car such as the ruthless winter conditions, corrosive elements, high temperature, bird droppings, tree deplete and others. These can affect the exterior and interior (mechanical aspects) parts of your car so cleaning is necessary.


Avoid not going beyond the limit of your car; short breaking, high speed driving and other relentless types of driving can cause a transmission weary and problem to the engine.


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Safety Measures before Going into a Long Road Trip

Most of the car owner didn’t do their job in checking their cars before using it and as a result they will experience some troubles while they are in a trip. If you are planning for a long road trip, be sure to inspect your car to avoid unexpected emergencies such as flat tires, overheat and others. Here are some of the safety measures that should be done by the owners or drivers before going into a long road trip.

  • One of the most important parts that should be checked are the tires, be sure that they are properly filled with air and uneven wear should be observed before traveling.
  • Ensure the antifreeze coolant is in good condition; be sure that the coolant is properly replaced as recommended by the vehicle maintenance.
  • Check the brakes, brake fluids and power steering fluids before you travel.
  • Batteries are also play an important role in traveling so be sure to check it as high temperatures can compromise batteries.
  • As part of the engine check up, engine oil should also be monitored as well as the cracked belts.
  • Inspect the windshield wiper blades and washer fluid because this will help you in maintaining a clear vision to the road.

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Auto Maintenance – Tire Rotation Practice and Patterns

Most of the car owners and drivers forget to do some check-up/maintenance to some parts of their car and one of these parts is the tires. Tires are very important to a car as far as the handling is concern and one of its maintenance is the tire rotation. It is a practice of moving a car wheels and tires from one position of a car to another. This is done to extend the life, safety and to ensure even tire wear. There are some patterns in tire rotations such as the rearward cross, forward cross and the X-pattern. But there are two additional patterns for today’s performance tires and wheel trends, the front to rear and side by side. The front-to-rear pattern may be used for vehicles equipped with the same size directional wheels and/or directional tires. A side-to side pattern may be used for vehicles equipped with different sized non-directional tires and wheels on the front axle compared to the rear axle.

Most of the car developers recommend rotating car tires in every 3000 to 5000 miles; this may reduce tire’s tread depth. This may also give you a great handling, increase cornering grip and helps to have a quick response to the driver.

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Intensive Engine Care – Spark Plugs

Maintenance is very important to a car as it sustain its good performance; the car can run smoothly and this may not require you a wide mechanical and automotive background. One of the most important parts of a car that needs a quality of time in terms of maintenance is the engine. The basic engine care is the spark plug maintenance. Spark plug is a device that is connected to a cylinder head and other mechanical parts. It combusts the compressed fuels that the engine pumps out – reason for the ignition. If this device fails to do its duty, the engine will fail.

It is said that normal spark plugs can last up to 48,000 km while platinum spark plugs can hit at about 160,000 km. Customers and vehicle users are advised to use this 3 types of spark plugs that can help their car to be more fuel efficient.

Platinum plugs – It helps to decrease failure of the engine, reduce corrosions between holes and enhanced its stability over the standard copper core plug.

Double Platinum plugs – Just like the platinum plugs it helps to lessen erosions and lower the probability of engine failures. The additional feature of this plug is it offers 160,000 km of durability.

Iridium enhanced spark plugs – This spark plug helps a car to have a better ignition, focuses on copper core plugs and high performance.

This may help you in maintaining your car’s great performance, fuel economy and durability.

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Preventive Measures – Keeping Your Car Running for Years

The cost of maintaining a vehicle and keeping it on the road is not exactly irrelevant. As an owner, having a good maintenance to your car avoids you to spend more money – bringing it to the car technicians. Here are some preventive measures in keeping your car’s good condition and keeping it running in the road for years.

Air Filter

Checking the air filter is one of the common things that should an owner do. A dirty air filter can greatly affect the economical aspects of fuel efficiency. When you noticed that there is a dirt or dust build up and it seems that it needs to replace it, just simply change it.

Brake Fluid

Brakes will need to be replaced over a car’s lifespan but drivers or owners should check the brake fluid regularly. Replacing brakes are one of the most expensive repair jobs of a vehicle. Brake fluid is very important to a car as it is needed for the lifespan of brakes. If you noticed that the fluid is below the line of demarcation, add fluid up to that line but be careful not to overfill it.

Motor Oil

A regular checking of the motor oil is also important in maintaining the lifespan of your vehicle. Changing oils should be done and should be based on the car manufacturer’s guidelines.


Tires should have the recommended tire pressure. Properly inflated tires make it easier for the engine to operate, lowering fuel costs at the same time decreasing wear and tear on the engine.

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Direct Injection – Improves Fuel Economy and Engine Power

Exterior and interior designers of a car are always the main attraction of a car events/auto show. Most of the people didn’t show the people behind the engine/engine parts; its innovations that may help to maximize the car performance. Direct injections and more efficient automatic transmissions are some of the greatest innovations that help the car achieve its maximum performance. Fuel efficiency is the most important aspects of a car.

Before, cars that are equipped with automatics has 1-2 miles per gallons less compare to manuals; in terms of fuel consumption, but today they already matched manuals as far as fuel consumption is concern. The reasons for these are: automatics have more gears, the use of a gear ratio is closely equal to the driving situation; and they have been redesigned to reduce fuel-slurping slippage in the transmission’s torque converter. The advantage of a direct injection is that you can get improvements in both fuel economy and engine power. There are three phase in the evolution of fuel injection. The first phase is the throttle-body injection. This is done by injecting fuel into a central part of the intake manifold and to each cylinder’s intake valve. Next is the port injection, the fuel is dumped on the valve’s doorstep.  And the last phase of this evolution is the direct injection which can be done through squirting the gas directly into the combustion chamber under much greater pressure than a port injection system.

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Car Battery Maintenance

One of the most important parts in a car is battery. Batteries are responsible of supplying electricity in the car. It helps to start the engine, stereo, lights and to all the system that uses electricity as a source. If the batteries are not properly handled and have damage, all this things are useless. It should have a regular check-up and proper maintenance to have its maximum output. A battery should be checked every three to six months. In maintaining a car battery, here are some tips in maintaining a car battery.

Corrosion Free – The terminals of the battery should be checked and it should be deterioration/rust free. If in case that there are some white powdery substances at the end of the terminal or in the clamp, it can be cleaned through a solution of water and baking soda. You can also prevent or at least impede future corrosion by spraying anti-corrosion products. Much important is to inspect the battery daily.

Visual Inspection – Inspecting the car battery everyday is a big help in extending the life of the battery. If you see fault or lump in the battery, this is a sign that the battery is starting to fail and it is advisable to replace it. Be sure that in every inspection, you should clean the battery because dirt can lead to power loss.

Some of the batteries extend their life span and others fails very early as far as there warranty period is concern. Car batteries are temperature sensitive, so as much as possible park your car in the shade and also make sure that it is full-charged in a cold weather. These are the things that may help you in extending the life of a car battery and having its maximum output.

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