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Super Max® 6120SCW – Steam Car Washer

Super Max® 6120SCW by Daimer® is a steam pressure car washer that is intended for auto detailing and mobile car wash applications. It is created to minimize water waste for car wash business operations. As a low flow machine, it only offers 0.5 GPM flow rates and exerts an outstanding pressure level of 1000 psi. It is a vehicle friendly low-flow cleaning machine that will not cause harm to the surface of the vehicle. This propane heated car wash machine can generate steam at a temperature of 300ºF. This gives and helps the user to have a quick and easy removal of different types of dirt that is found in the car’s surface; like mud, grease, bugs, oil, salt, tar, brake dust, and more. It has also a number of auto detailing apps like cleaning engines, cleaning vehicle exteriors and even melting snow or ice.

Each car wash systems has a 30-pound tank (empty) and a stainless steel coil to convert cold water to hot in about 30 seconds. It uses 25′ high pressure steam hose, 8″ & 3′ Durable Trigger Wands with Quick Disconnect, steam nozzles, the housing is steel – powder-coated, high gloss, chip/chemical resistant and has a dimension of 23″ w x 30″ d x 34″ h.


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