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John Watson Drives the New MP4-12C

As part of the commemoration of McLaren’s role as a carbon  pioneer John Watson is now driving the new McLaren MP4-12C road car at Silverstone where the former technical director John Barnard was also in attendance. Watson won the 1981 British Grand Prix using a McLaren MP4/1 F1 car that brings the concept of the carbon monocoque. This concept offers lightness to a car while preserving the power as what John Watson said after a high-speed crash in that same season. The MP4-12C is the first of a new model of McLaren cars that has hollow carbon fiber chassis and has a power of 592hp. McLaren is one of the most successful formula team as far as carbon based car is concern; they used carbon structures in F1 machines and McLaren F1 sport car. As of John Watson said, “The MP4-12C is mind-bogglingly quick and it is by far and away the fastest road car I’ve ever driven. Between 80-130 mph it really feels as fast as my old Formula 1 car. I only drive it in Normal mode, so I can’t begin to imagine what it is like in Sport or Track modes!”


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