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Mercedes Benz’s Future Infotainment System

The newest and the most advanced infotainment system and technological features have a furious battle in the car industry today. The different car manufacturers are trying to develop such systems and enhanced their previous one just to be more viable in the market as well as bringing comfort to the passengers. One of the most known producers of good cars with reliable system, Mercedes Benz, is trying to bring their infotainment system into the next level. Cracking into the next generation of infotainment system is a plan that Mercedes will bring in the upcoming years. And this system is called the COMMAND, i-Drive or MMI. 3D technology is one of their future concepts in infotainment system as they are involved in researching 3D displays that could cover for potential systems. Unlike the previous voice commands, Mercedes engineers are working on voice commands with natural transcriptions. In just a simple command, anything would they say, in emails, text message or browsing. The new feature that they are trying to develop is the gesture control – handwriting recognition and gesture control for interior lighting.


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