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6th Annual Cherry Car and Motorcycle Show

The Beaumont Kiwanis Club had their 6th Annual Cherry Car and Motorcycle show last May 28 at the Stewart Park which attended by many car enthusiasts. A 1951 Chevrolet Sedan is present in that event which brought by Larry Waltz and Kevin Ball’s orange 1935 Ford coupe with an artistic design, purple and green flames. Other members also brought their own classic cars such as 1938 Ford Pick-Up by Sam and June Teresa. Liza and Mike Jacobson had brought their two vintage cars, 1968 Chevy Pick-up and a 1922 Ford Model T. And they mentioned that their Tin Lizzie is a safe car in the road as it has only a top speed of 35 mph. It is a simple car with four cylinder flathead engine, axle rear end and low transmission thus this car could be rarely seen in the freeway. This is a version that ran on a gasoline and in 1922 model is only $300 which is shocking that some people sold it in $33,000 in a car auction. Different types of classic cars are in the display area, such as 1955 Ford Fairlane with white paint, the rare 1941 red Graham Hollywood, 1959 blue VW Beetle and the 1950’s Ford F100.


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