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A Warm Welcome to the New Chevy Beat in Indian Market

Chevy has introduced their latest car in Indian car market that offers unique looks, well-brought-up performance and with a good competitive in terms of price, and this vehicle is called the Chevrolet Beat. They installed a one liter three cylinder engine with a multi-jet diesel engine derivation. The Chevy Beat develops a modest 58 BHP and is very obvious when it has a full load. For its mid-range size, it makes a short work of general overtaking and quick exits from the traffic lights. It has also a great positive aspect in terms of fuel stinginess as it provides 16 kpl in city conditions.

The new Beat has a top speed of 135km/hr. The wider tires give this car better rides compare to the inflexible character of petrol. Though there are still no adjustments to the Chevy’s standard equipment and style. With its fuel economy and sole looks, the new Chevy Beat will have a good fight against its competitors in the car industry today.


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