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Rev Up Auto Show

Most of the street rods and muscle cars that comes from Maritimes will be seen and displayed in the Annual Rev Up Auto Show which will be held at the Summerside’s Credit Union Place on the first weekend of June. For a change, the owner of Gearhead Kustoms in West Devon and at the same time the event organizer, John MacLean wants to have an indoor event so he decide to held the event at the Credit Union Place. The show is expecting to have 45 car owners which will showcase their different types of custom cars.

This event is through the benefit of the Stars for Life Foundation for Autism as the 17 year old son of MacLean is autistic. MacLean has wide experience in terms of custom cars, 5 years in custom industry gear for cars and industry. He has also a skill in paintwork to glass etching like drinking glasses to car windows. There will be some remarkable cars in the show which could be the highlight in the said event. These cars are Ferrari V-12 Testarossa and a local version of the General Lee. Cars that have been sitting in barns or garages for decades and have been restored to health are also present in the show; most people call it barn finds. The event is raised through the help of Gearhead Kustoms, the City of Summerside, Credit Union Place and Gary Steeves Insurance. Their will be a $5 admission fee which goes to the said foundation but free entrance to 10 years old and below, and the event will start at 12 to 5 p.m. in June 5.


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